Friday, April 15, 2011

A Call For Full Justice

Although the Scott Sisters were freed from prison thanks to the thunderstorm of letters which people sent to Mississippi governor Haley Barbour, full justice has still not yet been done.

The sisters are not able to work because their sentences have only been suspended. They could be returned to prison at a moment's notice as soon as the Republican primaries are over and Haley Barbour no longer needs to look presentable for the voters. So we 1961 Freedom Riders and friends are petitioning Barbour that he grant full justice for the sisters, a full pardon.

Full justice must be done.

FULL PARDON FOR THE SCOTT SISTERS - - - Information Line: 601 353-4455

Governor Haley Barbour
P. O. Box 139
Jackson, MS 39205

RE: Jamie and Gladys Scott (The Scott Sisters)

Dear Governor Barbour:

Thank you for releasing Jamie & Gladys Scott from their double-life sentence received for the questionable armed robbery conviction. Now, please complete the freedom parade by granting them a full pardon. We are fully convinced that Jamie and Gladys can and will be a tremendous asset to the community if they are allowed to freely pursue their passion to return the love they have received.

Reading Amos 5:14-15: "Seek good, not evil, that you may live. Then the LORD God Almighty will be with you, just as you say he is. Hate evil, love good, maintain justice in the courts."

We realize that we should seek the good in Jamie and Gladys in order to find the good in ourselves. Having observed Jamie and Gladys through media interviews, we can testify to some of that goodness in them and firmly believe that America should maximize the potential in them.

The state and nation has a great healing opportunity through the growth and development of Jamie and Gladys as advocates for Diabetes Awareness & Education, Kidney Donorship, Preventive Health Care, Crime Prevention, Offender Rehabilitation, Recidivism Reduction and more.

The vision of the nation's greatest leadership will be manifested through its citizenry. It is time for the citizenry to point out this great opportunity to the leadership. In this land of opportunities, it is the visionaries who can see the opportunities, and it is the great leaders who do seize them.

Governor Barbour, a full pardon for Jamie and Gladys Scott is a grand opportunity that must be seized by the state and the nation. Proverbs 31:9 tells us that we shall "Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy." A full pardon for Jamie and Gladys would be a blessing for so many in need.

So, Governor Barbour, we ask that you please do a great deed for the nation and grant Jamie and Gladys a full pardon.

With due regards,

Phil Posner, Ajijic, Mexico
Dan Stevens, Chicago, IL
Paul Breines, Boston, MA
Steven F. McNichols, San Francisco, CA
Bob Zellner, Southampton, NY
Thomas Armstrong, Naperville, IL
Robert Farrell, Los Angeles, CA
Joan Pleune, Brooklyn, NY
Edward Johnson, Inglewood, CA
George Blevins, Nederland, CO
Ellen Ziskind, Brookline, MA
Lew Zuchman, NY, NY
Claude Liggins, Los Angeles, CA
Larry Bell, Los Angeles, CA
Edward A. White, Washington, DC
Robert Singleton, Los Angeles, CA
Carol Ruth Silver, San Francisco, CA
Catherine Burks-Brooks, Birmingham, AL
Bernard LaFayette, Kingston, RI
Luvaghn Brown, Hartsdale, NY
Woollcott Smith, West Tisbury, MA
Joan Mulholland, Arlington, VA
Patricia Kovner, CA
Eugene J. Uphoff, M.D., Portland, OR
Matt Walker, Nashville, TN
Mimi Feingold Real, Mill Valley, CA
John Steele, Los Angeles, CA
Rita Martinson, West Hollywood, CA
Rick Sheviakov, San Anselmo, CA
John Dolan, Oakland, CA
David Fankhauser, Cincinnati, OH
Jorgia Siegal Bordofsky, Santa Barbara, CA
Albert F. Gordon, Stephentown, NY
Ellen Broms, Sacramento, CA
Charles Person, Atlanta, GA
Gilbert S. Avery, Eugene, OR
Alphonso Petway, Mobile, AL
Kredelle Petway, Apollo Beach, FL
Genevieve Houghton, Carbondale, IL
Edward Kale, La Pointe, WI
Gene L. Lee, Jackson, MS
Bill Harbor, Atlanta, GA
Dr. Allen Cason Jr., Nashville, TN
Claire O'Connor, Eden Prairie, MN
Pauline Knight-Ofosu, Rex, GA,
Meryle Joy Reagon Leonard, Nashville, TN
Catherine Burks-Brooks, Birmingham, AL
Peter Sterling, Amherst, MA
Larry Hunter, Atlanta, GA
Rev. J. M. Lawson Jr, Los Angeles, CA
Helen I. Singleton, Inglewood, CA
William Leons, Brattleboro, VT
John R. Washington, Claremont, CA
Rabbi Israel Dresner, Wayne, NJ
Albert Gordon, Stephentown, NY
John Dolan, Ashland, OR
Max Pavesic, Portland, OR
Winston Fuller, Morgantown, NY
Edmond Dalbert Jr., Waynesboro, GA
Thomas Gaither, Prospect, PA
Ameen R. Tuungane, Helena, AL
Willie Bradford Jr., Shreveport, LA
Joseph Stevenson, Astoria, OR
Doratha Smith-Simmons, New Orleans, LA

________________, ______________

________________, ______________

________________, ______________

Friends of Justice

Janis McDonald, Syracuse, NY
Charlotta Janssen, Brooklyn, NY
Frances Canty, Cincinnati, OH
William Canty, Cincinnati, OH
Pam Blankenheim, San Francisco, CA
Mary H. Lee, Jackson, MS
Reuben V. Anderson, Jackson, MS
Phyllis Anderson, Jackson, MS
Angeline Butler, NY, NY
Margaret Petway, Tampa, FL
Carla Vaughn, St. Petersburg, FL
Lola Petway, Mobile, AL
John L. Bell, Nashville, TN
Ernestine A. Bell, Nashville, TN
J. B. Ross, Birmingham, AL,
Sally Zigmond, Amherst, MA
Lucy A. Davenport, Decatur, GA
Joyce Ladner, Sarasota, FL
Karistea J. Ward, Atlanta, GA
Denice Jackson, Jonesboro, GA
Drewy Jackson, Jonesboro, GA
Grace B. McCahill, Farm Hills, MI
Thom W. Buite, Shreveport, LA
Kim A. Leons, Brattleboro, VT
Shirley Washington, Claremont, CA
Sidney Shanken, Boynton Beach, FL
Carol Booker, Washington, DC
Simeon Booker, Washington, DC
Alice M. Thompson, New Orleans, LA
Barbara Johnson, Inglewood, CA
Stacie Dennis, Ridgeland, MS
Diane Gaither, Prospect, PA
Thomas Gaither, Prospect, PA

________________, ______________

________________, ______________

________________, ______________

To add your signature to this petition, please call 601 353-4455 .

It's so easy to make the world a better place!

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