Special Mention - Nancy Lockhart

Special mention must be made of the work over many years of Nancy Lockhart in behalf of the Scott Sisters. As she writes,
"I was introduced to this case while a Master of Jurisprudence student at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.  I supported myself as a community services consultant for RainbowPUSH Coalition and received a letter from Mrs. Rasco seeking help for her daughters. Mrs. Rasco stated that she had been writing for 11 years, I was compelled to respond.

 The months after would yield in depth research, as I needed to ensure the validity of this case. After completing the M.J.  I left Chicago with a commitment to continue the quest of seeking justice for The Scott Sisters.

Our goal is to make this case public."

Here are just a few of the many links to her efforts:

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Many people work quietly in the background around the world for justice. Anyone can do this.

The world is blessed with the like of its Nancy Lockharts.