Monday, October 18, 2010

Jamie In Solitary

Jamie spent 23 days in solitary last year, who knows for what.

If she is spirited, the parole board may superficially decide that having been committed to solitary is a bad indicator for release, as her spirit has not yet been broken. Not unlike people who are tased to death because they don't stand and salute. We need to find out why she was put in solitary. Sass is no cause for staying in the pen.
"Now 18, Terrance Scott tells Minister of Information JR in this gripping interview: “Seeing what they did to my mother, it put a rage inside me like, if you have anything to do with law enforcement, I don’t want to talk to you. … Sometimes I just look up at the stars at night and I just wonder what this world done become. Any time someone can lock you up for a double life sentence for nothing, what else can they do? What else can the crooked court system and the crooked justice system do?”

.... anyone want to fund a press release ???

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